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“Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime
And departing leaves behind us footprints on the sands of them.”
–Long Fellow

The architect of the ideology of Pakistan Doctor Allama Iqbal is, undoubtedly, the great Islamic thinker of the modern times and one of the greatest of all time. He is a great poet, philosopher, educationist, and reformer. He had made a lasting contribution to Human thought. His poetic works made him immortal.

The poet’s scrolls will outlive the monuments of stone; the genius survives all unless claimed by death.

Iqbal was born in a midst Family in Sialkot in the house of Sheikh Noor Muhammad. His mother was a pious lady. It was under the spiritual guidance of his father that the initial upbringing of Iqbal’s mind took place. From the very beginning, Iqbal was a unique child. He started writing verses and poems.

“The Child vision leads him to the path he has to follow.”

Iqbal also got an outstanding teacher. His teacher Shams-al-‘Ulama’ Syed Meer Hassan taught him excellently. It the light of knowledge that made Iqbal such a great poet.
In 1895, after completing his early education in Sialkot. Iqbal migrated to Lahore and got admission in Government College, Lahore. Here, Iqbal met Sir Thomas Arnold. He introduced the concept of western civilization to Iqbal. In 1898, Iqbal did M.A in philosophy and joined Faculty of Government College.
In 1905, Iqbal went to Europe for Higher Studies. He passed bar examination in 1908 and was conferred upon the degree of Ph.D. by the University of Munich. On his return, he started practice in law in Lahore.
During his stay in Europe, Allama Iqbal closely looked at the civilization of Europe. He studied both eastern and western civilization. After thoroughly observing the culture of the west Iqbal said that it is naked and shallow rather than fascination and enthralling. So, instead of admiring glamour, he became a critic of the world of the west.

To recognize the best, you have to see the worst.
-Helen Beatrice

Also, this stay in Europe makes Iqbal more close to Islam. He became a true Muslim. He studied spirituality. Allama Iqbal realized that the way of success lies in Islam. He demonstrated this in his poems as well. Iqbal Said:

“Empty of Concord is the soul of Europe, whose civilization to no Mecca bends.”

Iqbal uses his poetry as a tool for awakening the Muslims of sub-continent. In his poetry, he described the conditions of Muslims, their lack of faith and causes of their downfall. He advised Muslim that if develop a true faith no one can stop them. Allama Muhammad Iqbal said that “Having no faith is worse than Slavery.”

Iqbal wrote many books which are considered as fabulous creation in Urdu literature. Iqbal also writes poems in Persian. The mystic concept of Iqbal poetry also gained much popularity and exhibit pureness of Iqbal’s character. He was a Saint by nature.His poems ‘Shikwa’ and ‘Jawab-e-Shikwa’ is one of the best poems in Urdu.

Iqbal also acted as the Right hand of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Iqbal also worked for the prosperity of Muslims. But He could not see his dream becoming a reality and died on 21st April 1938. His Tomb is near the main gate of Badshahi Mosque.He gave the message of Love, brotherhood, hope, and self-awareness. His message will remain forever. May his soul rest in peace.


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