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Getting into the Med Student is difficult, but to survive there in more Hectic and Burdensome. Not only have you had to Deal with Bodies but also with the Humans. On the one hand, you should be better in understanding the Pictures if you want your anatomy to be perfect, and on the other, you should grip on extended mechanisms of pharmacology and Biochemistry that is possible only by Practice.

As Far as a medium of Learning is considered, a Good Laptop is necessary for you because you have to make notes, Practice diagrams and prepare mnemonics. But for a Medical student choosing a perfect Laptop is more difficult than learning embryology, don’t call me wrong. To remove this ache from your head, we made this comprehensive guide on “Best Laptop for Medical Students.” We have chosen 10 best Laptops keeping everything in mind that a Medical student could look for.

Laptop NameSpecial FeatureRatingPrice
MacBook PROBeautiful10/10 Check Price
Dell XPS 15Performance with Looks10/10 Check Price
ASUS ZenBook (2019)Portable9.5/10 Check Price
MacBook AirLight and Fast9.5/10 Check Price
Microsoft surface laptop 2:Easy to use9/10 Check Price
Huawei mate book 13 X Pro:Brilliant Display with performance9.5/10 Check Price
HP Envy X360 2019. Mixture of Class and Features9/10 Check Price
Samsung Notebook 9 ProEasy version of Laptop9/10 Check Price
Lenovo Yoga C930Everything within Range8.5/10 Check Price
LG gramExceptionally performing with Design8.5/10 Check Price

Before go into details and Models of Laptop, we want to aware our Readers the Things to consider in a Good Laptop.

Processor and RAM:

Talking of a Good Laptop, processor and RAM are the Key things. These things matter the most, when you choose laptop for any of your work or study and in most cases only these two things are decisive in choosing a Laptop. For Medical students, they things are very crucial, like if you want to use software like CANTAB for your Field Related Work in higher classes, you don’t have any need to spend money on a customized PC. A Good Laptop with efficient processor can do your work without spending extra money.

Some famous and Quality Processor manufacturers are INTEL, AMD, NVIDIA, ACER and few others. Competition among the companies bring better product and efficient price.


Although for Laptop of Daily usage, large storage is important, but for Medical student is necessary. You as a medical student surely wouldn’t want to carry separate external hard drive for each subject. Even, a Laptop with a good storage capacity will save your burden of organizing Data, collecting Notes, and compiling them, so easily accessible when required at your professional Exams. Even, if you are buying a variant better go with large storage variants because few extra dollars will save you from the Burden of hours.


I think every medical student learns more by watching tutorials than by cramping the Books. Hence, it is crucial when you use your laptop as a medium to Learn new things, it should not be small that your orbicularis is tired of watching the screen. The display should be appropriate, high resolution and relaxing. Even, if you’re reading a Textbook, your concentration is partially dependent on the Display. Summarizing the Discussion, make sure to choose a Laptop with a Good Display if you want good academic performance.


If you want to buy a Laptop and it is performing Good for 10+ hours, then the laptop becomes applicable to join the journey of Medical school. Because, in Medical school, you can’t just carry charger everywhere with you, just charge your laptop when you’re taking a Break from studies and use it for the rest of the time. The only chance when you can neglect a battery a little, is while choosing between Processor and Battery. Never neglect the battery Laptop in choosing Laptop and you’ll perform Good.

Price and Requirements:   

Probably, there is no need in telling to consider price as an important factor in buying a Laptop. But the main reason, we are mentioning this thing here is to buy a Laptop according in a budget in which you’re comfortable. Secondly, keep this thing in mind that “what are my requirements?” like if storage is your main requirement then prioritize it over the others. In short, select laptop within your Budget, keeping your priorities in mind.

I am sure that you will get an idea, how you can choose a good Laptop now Dive in to the Laptops.

MacBook PRO. Editor Choice #1


Apple is famous for making competitive and elite products. Whether in the form of an iphone or an Ipad, they create some genuine quality products. Their Laptop commonly known as MacBook is also considered a personal computer of high standards, and as far as Medical students are concerned, MacBook fulfill their each and every requirement. Especially when you want to study smart, MacBook Pro will be a Good Choice.


Key Features:     

  • 15.4” Laptop Core i7
  • 2.9 GHZ Processor Speed
  • 32 Gb Ram 512 Gb Hard Drive
  • 4 Gb Video Memory
  • Intel Processor with MAC operating system
  • Battery Life >10 Hours
  • Retina Display
  • Touch Screen: Yes


Ins and Outs:

You may not expect gaming from a MacBook, but if you compete this Laptop for study to any other, it will surely knock its opponents down. With its Sleek Design, the very first thing that make this, the best Laptop for Medical Student is its appearance. The Easy to carry and open when needed feature of the MacBook made it easier to Note down the Lectures when a sudden class is announced. You will find its 15 inch Display work pretty brilliant for you, especially if you were using 13 inch Laptop Before. Calling you a Medical student, the Display will be perfect for you to read even the smallest texts as well. Even, if you study Atlases on it, you will find no Problem.

After Display, comes the Built Quality and overall we are satisfied with Build Quality. For a normal Mac user, may be keyboard and Mouse Pad ratio seems displeasing, but for a Medical student this is good thing since medical prefer to use the Touch Bar Feature of the Laptop. Even, when you want to write, keyboard is good enough to make you feel satisfying.

Coming to the performance, it is capable to enough to run goodly number of applications at a time and all with great efficiency. If I could add some sarcasm, I would say that Medical student can’t hang this Laptop even after using his utmost abilities, this is the performance of this Laptop. It does not Heat up by using ordinary Medical school application. Battery timing is fair enough to accomplish your 2 days study goals. The Touch Bar works pretty efficiently better than the previous version.

Not only from Study point of view, but also for normal life this could be called a perfect life laptop for a Medical student. Like, you went to a trip and want to edit your pictures and Videos, you can do on it. In short, being a Medical Student this is the Best Laptop for your every Need.

  • Design & Weight
  • Fast Performing
  • Stability
  • Adapters Needed
  • Pricy


Final Verdict:

There are other many things like the camera, gaming performance which are considered when you buy a Laptop, but for a Medical student, this is possibly the Best Laptop to use both in University and In Daily routine. I’ll say if you money in the pocket, the Best choice will be to Buy this Laptop.



Dell XPS 15: Editor Choice #2:


Computers made by Del were my favorites in childhood, and fortunately after number of years Dell has maintained its standard that we are forced to include this in our List of “Best Laptop for Medical students”. Dell (Xtreme Performance Systems) are famous worldwide for their brilliant performance and have variety of Models like XPS 12, 13 but we have selected XPS 15 for our list, not because it is better than others but can be called an ultimate machine for Medical students.


Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i5 Processor
  • 16 Gb Ram, 1Tb SSD
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050
  • 15.6” with 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • 11 hour Battery Life

Ins and Outs:

If we define this Laptop as precisely as we could, we would call it all in one Laptop for students. Firstly, talking about the Display it is extra-ordinary with a 15.6 inch big screen and very high Quality Graphics. The Screen has a unique style with a mixture of Bezel less and Bezel Display. The Built Quality will make you feel satisfied with the Laptop. With its smooth keypad and quick performing Mouse pad, it stands out from the crowd. The Look is more attractive what you expect from Dell.

We called this all in one Laptop, due to its performance. In performance, this Laptop can compete with every Laptop in the list in almost every feature. Whether, you compare processor or compare webcam or speakers or number of applications running at one time, this Laptop is simply brilliant. Being a Medical student, you will not find any single issue about performance of this Laptop.

Additionally, you can use this as your professional Laptop, either use for gaming or video editing or both. In short, it has all the Features that you expect from an ideal laptop. You will have no issue of storage and battery since both are above what require to a Medical student.

  • Brilliant Performance
  • Attractive Look
  • Solid Built Quality
  • Bit Heavy

ASUS ZenBook (2019):

Asus, the Taiwan Based Multi-National Company is taking over many Laptop manufactures because of it powerful Laptops and computers. Its Laptop called ZenBook is pretty extra-ordinary for its performance especially as a Personal and study computers. Due to efficiencies and abilities, it is capable enough to make its mark in our List of “Best Laptop for Medical Students”

Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i7
  • 4 GHz Processor Speed
  • 16 GB Ram 512Gb SSD
  • 14” Flip Screen
  • Windows OS
  • Intel Processor
  • Touch Screen: Yes

Ins and Outs:

Although, the Asus ZenBook has many variants some of them come with Nano Bezel Display and Big Screen size but this Laptop don’t have that Features. The Display is actually good but comes with a Bezel Display that apparently seems displeasing in first sight, but for a Medical student there is a compensation for this Display. And that is its Flip Screen.

After using the Flip Feature, it becomes you ipad, notebook or whatever you say. After using a pen, this Laptop becomes pretty satisfying to use. If you are fond of writing instead of typing, this Laptop could prove pretty Beneficial.

With a slim and compact Design, the Laptop Perform equally well. There is no lag in functioning whether you browse or Edit PDFs. The Ergolift Design improves the typing performance, while there is an optimized cooling mechanism with enhanced audio performance.

The screen is matte and becomes perfect when you want to study outside. The Touch brilliant, Infact, better than our expectations. Battery is comparable to its counterparts in the list and usually is more than 10 hours, but a special feature is that it get charged really fast. For a study and everyday use it is a Pretty Good Laptop and it is worthy to buy for your study and daily use.

  •  Durable
  • Impressive colors and Power
  • Best for Study
  • Ordinary Trackpad
  • Weight

MacBook Air:

 Although apple Laptops are favorites of everyone because they look attractive. But the reason to add the second apple Laptop in our List is more than that. MacBook Air is a lighter & easier version of apple laptops. Seeing from a Medical student point of view, the only thing that you can differentiate between two Models is the Price. MacBook Pro is a bit less in price giving almost the same performance. MacBook Air could be your preferred choice if you want more light, portable and easily accessible Laptop.

Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i5 Processor
  • 13.3” Retina Display
  • 8Gb Memory 256 Gb SSD
  • Touch ID: Yes
  • Intel UHD graphics
  • 12 Hours Battery Life.

Ins and Outs:

 Honestly speaking, MacBook air is the prettiest Laptop is our List. There is no counterpart of this Laptop is term of Light weight, slim design and attraction. Obviously, if you are a Medical student you would prefer a Laptop that won’t bother you in carrying an extra Bag with you. This book will fit into your Bag perfectly. The amazingly Lighter Design of this Laptop is due to the usage of aluminum for manufacturing of this Laptop.

With its 13.3 inch Retina Display, it show perfect display, depict colors more sharply than MacBook pro. The graphics are same UHD made by Intel. While, when comparing the performance it is not as good as MacBook pro but still pretty Good to satisfy a Medical student. Since it has 8 GB Ram as compared to 32 GB of MacBook pro and has a Dual Core processor, it will affect your performance in gaming but from study point of view it will not cause any Damage.

If we don’t compare it with MacBook pro, the performance is excellent. All your favorite application will run as smoothly as you can expect. For your everyday browsing, video playing, mailing, noting lectures, this will be a perfect laptop with extra ordinary design and performance. The Battery Life of this Laptop is also good, you can use it for more than 12 hours with continuous usage. Other things like Camera, Speakers all are perfect.

We would call MacBook Air a Perfect “Medical School Machine.” But one thing where you can criticize this Laptop is the storage. Only 256 GB of storage may not be sufficient for you. If you exclude storage this is a pretty elite Laptop that you can buy.

  • Light
  • Good Keyboard to Mouse Pad Ratio
  • Economical
  • Performance

Microsoft surface laptop 2:

 Microsoft is a Good competitor of almost every brand if not in software then in Hardware. And it is in the game for a Due reason, it’s Quality Products! Microsoft Surface Laptop is truly a Personal Laptop and capable enough to be recommended to a medical student. The Surface Laptop 2 (which we recommend) is even better than the previous one, so Microsoft is giving you a Good choice for a Laptop.

Key Features:

  • 4 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor
  • 16 Gb Ram 512 Gb SSD
  • 5” Screen with 2256×1504 Resolution
  • 8 MP Camera
  • Almost 15 hours Battery Life
  • Intel Graphics
  • Touch Screen: Yes

Ins and Outs:

This Laptop is quite different from others in the list due to many reasons. The First and obvious is the Design and Sleekness. It’s Design and Body Look like an amalgam of MacBook air and Dell XPS 15. Personally, we found a charm in this laptop that others lack, this charm force you to use this Laptop. If you want to tackle a lot of study problems concerning laptops, it will soothe your daily hurdles.

Microsoft, themselves, call this a mixture of portability and performance. On one hand, if fits easily into your bag and on the other with the Powerful Intel processor it does your task efficiently. Although, a few Microsoft laptops don’t perform as Good as expected from them like they went to sleep mode after you run multiple applications. But this Laptop is very efficient is doing multi-tasking effectively. Also it will not slow down after you use it for long duration,

Having a Pixel Sense Display with a Touch Screen, it could be a very Good choice for a Medical student. One benefit of this is, you can make your notes by writing with your hands, this will help you memorize better. Also, using it as touch Laptop is better for a Medical student, since all your body systems are involved in this process rather than using only hands and brain in standard typing. Other brilliant feature of this Laptop is its stunning battery life, may be better than all other laptops in the list.

One Drawback that we found in this Laptop is lack of cooling system. Not often, if you run multiple software at a time, cooling system don’t adapt itself with the processor and as a result battery dies earlier. But this don’t occur normally. Beside this, it is Perfect Laptop. If you want an alternate of MAC, this could be that Laptop. 

  • Battery Life
  • Shape and Quality
  • Display
  • Only 1 USB Port

Huawei mate book 13 X Pro:  

Huawei is not only disturbing the Market in Mobile phones, it is making some beasts in Laptops which they call Mate Book. We know many people don’t have an experience of using Huawei Laptops but we guarantee that it is the Laptop worth spending Money.

Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i7 processor
  • 16 Gb Ram 512 Gb SSD
  • Chipset: NVIDIA
  • 9” Screen with 3000 x 2000 Screen resolution
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • 9 Hours battery life

Ins and Outs:

Huawei is always interested in creating innovative products providing value to the user. This ultra slim Mate Book having a 91% Screen to body ratio and Huawei call it “World only Full view touch Note Book”.

If we talk about the Design it look unique but not awkward. The 13.9 inch Screen looks bigger than ordinary 14 inch screen, thanks to bezel less display. Another catchy thing in the Laptop is the place where they fixed the webcam, right between the command keys.

Touch of the Laptop is quite Good and active and performs pretty swiftly, makes it perfect for medical ninjas. The Keyboard and Mouse Pad are also in good pattern, both with Good built quality, especially the Mouse Pad is not an ordinary one. With its core i7 8550U processor, it is made for personal use. But with NVIDIA chipset this Huawei Machine performs somewhat better than Microsoft Notebooks.

Coming to other aspects, this Laptops lacks in battery usually gives 9 Hour life that could make problem for a Medical students. But this is not so bad as well. Shape and Performance compensates this Battery life. Overall, it will be a pretty nice choice to go with this Mate Book.

  • Display & Touch
  • Efficiency
  • Fan Noise



HP Envy X360 2019.  

HP is among the Leading Laptop Manufacturers of the World. Its Envy series have variety of Laptop with pretty Good performing Laptop, But this Envy X360, 2019 edition is best among all of these with pretty good performance and specs.

Key Features:

  • 4-Core 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 8550U processor
  • 32Gb Ram 1Tb SSD
  • 6” Inch screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • Battery Life: 12.5 Hours
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Wide vision FHD IR 8MP built in camera
  • Weight: 4.7 Pounds

Ins and Outs:

This 2019 version of Envoy 360 is made to perform better than its older versions. It fulfills all the requirements of a Medical student. First of all it is light in weight with a sleek design. Easy to carry and fit even into your college bag.

Consisting of 1.8 GHz core i7 8550U processor, this laptop works smoothly in the hands of a medical students. Its huge 32 GB memory can run as many software as a medical student you can think of, and all running at a same time. The screen size is quite fine and Display is really satisfying. In fact, it is quite comfortable for eyes and will show pictures and videos perfectly as per demand of students.

The touch perform very well, you’ll realize its importance when you are noting lectures. The Swiftly working Touch makes you study with comfort. The Memory is large enough that you can download as many books, lectures, tutorial as you want. The Battery performance is also up to the mark. After the 12 hours continuous usage, just use its fast charging mechanism 90% in 90 minutes and enjoy the performance again. Overall, this Laptop is best from a Medical student point of view whether you talk about design, compactness, and performance.

  • Enthralling Design
  • Fast Performing
  • Excellent Touch and Keypad
  • Mouse Pad not Good as expectation


Samsung Notebook 9 Pro:

Samsung group is recognized as Flagship manufacturers of smart phones. With the same unparalleled technology Samsung came into the world of Laptop with some giants, their Note Books. With its competing features, this Note Book is making its mark into the Laptop world especially among students due to supreme class.

Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB Ram 512 GB SSD
  • 15” Screen with 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Battery Life: > 10 hours

Ins and Outs:

After the Asus ZenBook, this is the second Laptop in the List that has a classical design but still has a charm in it. The Display is classical with 15 inch screen and normal resolution. The Built Quality is good with a swift Keyboard and handsome mouse pad. The exterior is simple but attractive.

Performance wise, it is not as good as what you expect from Samsung but satisfactory what you expect from a Laptop. Processor is good with a good cooling system. Whether ordinary or extra-ordinary circumstances, it cooling system don’t buckle and processor show equally good performance.

One advantage of using Samsung Note Book as a student is its big Touch screen. Touch performance is active and brilliant. Video playing and Camera is also good. When studying, its 2 in 1 technology gives you a lot of advantage, especially when you want to practice or write flash card. Battery life is like other laptop in the list. Overall, this could be the only Laptop for you, if you prefer touch screen rather than typing and have no problem with classic design.

  • Touch Screen
  • Performance
  • Sound System



Lenovo Yoga C930:

Lenovo, a Chinese manufacturer of computers, is building its name into the laptop world by making some good mid-range laptops. But their Flagships are also worth recommending and also worth buying. Their series like Yoga, Legion, IdeaPad are getting popularity due to their specification, but the Laptop we found Best for our Medical schools readers is Yoga C930.


Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i7 Processor
  • 12 GB Ram 1 TB SSD
  • 14” Screen with 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • Intel Chipset and Graphics
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • 12 Hours Battery Life

Ins and Out:

Lenovo getting inspired from Both Microsoft and Acer probably made this Laptop, because display wise it looks like ACER Swift 5 and performance wise it is comparable to Microsoft surface Note Books. The 14 inch screen of this Laptop although don’t show ultra HD graphics but show colors and contrasts very vividly.

With its 12GB DDR Ram and Core i7 processor, it is better than many laptops of this price range, probably because Lenovo don’t charge for their Brand Name. The Best Part about this Laptop is Hands on Touch Screen. When Fast performance and Brilliant Display, both added make this laptop stand as a good competing machine.

Another Good thing is Lenovo gives you 1 TB space in the price MacBook pro gives you 256 GB. Battery timing is more than 12 hours. Overall, it is quite compelling Notebook to buy. One area where we feel there is the room for improvement is appearance. Although, Screen is quite big and Display is also satisfying, but from study point of view when you sit in front of it, you see a Big Bezel on the Lower side of screen which may irritate you. If this Laptop has a screen like that of Huawei Mate Book, it will surely be among our higher choices.

  • Built Quality
  • Portability
  • Somehow Appearance


LG gram:

LG, a South Korean giant electronics company, always enter the market with exceptional products. Whether mobile phones or LEDs or Laptops, the LG machines attract people and grab a handsome share in the Market. This LG gram Laptop with its exceptional attributes become capable enough to be recommended to the MED school students.

 Key Features:

  • 8th Generation Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB Ram 512 GB SSD
  • 17 inch screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • 19 hours battery life
  • Intel Graphics

Ins and Outs:

Probably, you can guess from its name “Gram” that indirectly means Light in weight. This Decent Looking Laptop has an extra-ordinary design, having a 17 inch big screen with LG logo below and a very Keyboard.

With the Core i7 8565U processor, the performance is satisfactory, but not as brilliant as what we are expecting from this Laptop. From studying angle, the performance will be quite brilliant but rough use of it will cause drastic effects on performance. There is no problem in storage and battery is the best among all the Laptops in the List. Camera, speakers, Graphics all are superb.

Overall, this Laptop competes with all other Laptops in the List, but we found some complaints regarding its performance especially by the programmers. For a Medical student, it will perform well like the other Laptops in the list, giving you an additional battery life with a better performance, so if want easy to carry, beautiful and with-in range Laptop, you can choose LG gram.

  • Thin Design
  • Track Pad and Keyboard
  • Mid-Range Build Quality

We hope that our article will help you select a good Laptop for your study. Thanks you for reading.


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