Best Self Help Books


31 best self help books you must buy in 2019

According to a rough calculation:

57% of people who start reading books choose their first book from the genre of self-help. Why?

Probably, the same reason you want to choose a book from self-help.

Well, for a new reader, the number of copies sold determine a Better Book.

This concept may be valid in some cases, but we have to exclude best self help books from this idea.


Everyone needs a different type of self help. The book that precisely helps a person will be more dearest for him.

I have tried my best to pick 31 best self help books. Two things I have given priority in making a list.

  • The lesson it gives.
  • How practical the book is!

*Make Sure to read “The Caution” in the End of the Article

Book NameDistinctionPrice
How to Win Friends and Influence people100% Practical, Easy To understand, Real ExamplesView
Mindset: The New Psychology of SuccessBehaviour Changing Book View
Think and Grow RichOld in a new way View
The 4-Hour WorkWeekTell you how to be unique View
The 7 habits of highly effective peopleEmphasize Power of Habit View
The Success PrinciplesGive Many Ideas to improve/change your Life View
The AlchemistTell the Alchemy of Life, Love. View
Getting Things DoneBest Planning Tips View
Smarter Faster BetterVery Productive View
Rich Dad Poor DadMakes you Rich View
Don't Sweat the Small StuffHandle Stress View
The Will Power InstinctScience of Willpower View
Choose YourselfIdentify Your Abilities View
So Good They Can’t Ignore YouForce you to research your Talent View
The Four AgreementsTell and Provoke Personal Belief View
The Power of HabitAnatomy of Habits View
The SecretLaw of attraction View
You Can Heal your LifeOvercome the wrong View
Awaken the Giant withinControl over Yourself View
Never Eat AloneIncrease Relationships View
What You Think of Me Is None of My BusinessForgets what people think of you View
Who Moved My CheeseDeal with Changes View
The Science of Getting RichMind Programming View
The Art of Thinking ClearlyCorrect the mistakes in your thoughts View
The 80/20 PrincipleDo less, Achieve More View
InfluenceScience of persuasion View
The Now HabitDo things on time View
QuietIntroverts Friendly View
The Slight EdgeThought Changing View
On FireLive your life on Fire View
Talk Like TEDEnhance your Communication Skill View

Editor Note: Every Book in the list is special in its way. You can select the book that favors you.

The Details Of Best Self Books Starts Here:

1. How to win friends and influence people

Author: Dale Carnegie

Even if you read a thousand posts on “Best Self Help Books” I can bet “How to win and influence people” by ‘Dale Carnegie’ will be among all of them.

Despite older than most of us, this book is considered a masterpiece in the genre of self-help.

This book is not made on mere assumptions, but each line of this book is proven.

The author of this book was a motivational speaker and used to give lessons on self-help. He has written his practically proven techniques. After reading this book, everyone will start loving you.

But this is not the only thing. The unique thing about this book is that it has been written gradually. This book evolved with the life of the author. It is not wrong to say that the essence of more than thousand people results in the creation of this Book.

That’s why even after many years people are still reading and loving it. It’s sold 15 million+ copies put an attestation stamp over its superiority.

This is such an exciting book that once you read it, you can’t stop yourself to read it again and again.

So, if you want to extract best out of yourself, go and read this read.

2. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Author: Carol Dweck

This Book is exceptional for most of the beginners as it genuinely depicts the mind of most of the people.

In the book, the author has enlisted two type of minds. One with a fixed mindset and thoughts and the other with a growth mindset.

According to this book, A majority of people who do not get success not have the right mindset or have a fixed mindset.

On the other hand, those who are successful have a broad mind and eventually the right mindset.

It gives various points on converging your mind to the right path.

This book urges its reader to change their mindset. The changing of mentality leads to changes in behavior.

It also opens the close door of your mind and helps you look beyond your thinking.

One more thing about this book is, Even if you are at your best, this book will take you to the best of the best.

After reading the book, your attitude and beliefs and most importantly mindset will set on a new journey of success.

Those people who want to change their lifestyle with the power of their thoughts, they will find no better book than this.


3. Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

This Book is a classic, and every avid reader has once gone through this book.

You may also think that gaining success formula from a book written 80 years ago would be out of date. But this thinking is wrong.

This book tells the method of achieving success with the aid of human thinking, and human thinking is the almost the same which it was a hundred years ago. The few old parts of this books are updated in the 21st-century edition.

This book helps you become rich.

But unfortunately, There is nothing is in this book for those who are looking for some tips and tricks to become Rich.

This book gives the lesson of real work. Actually, this book is helpful for those who wanted to carve their attitude and interested in becoming capable enough to grow thinking and look for the new methods. This is the richness in thought.

Despite, the creation of haters after the success of this book, this book stands high among the self-help book.

It has helped millions of its reader to grow rich by the power of their thought. You will feel its power when you read it.

One who is looking for a real application and thinking, this book will be best for him.

4. The 4-Hour WorkWeek

Author: Tim Ferriss

This is one of the most exciting books on the list not from its name but also from its lessons.

Modern Lifestyle is changing. We have to look for new ideas and enter into the new world of options. The 4-hour work week exactly does that. It helps people to escape from their 9 to 5 lifestyle.

The Teenagers can also get a lot of things from this book. This book tells how to make most out of your time. There are countless opportunities than your thinking, and this book will help you see the possibilities.

I call this the most thrilling book in the list because it is so charismatic that it attracts the reader towards it. Read a few chapters of this chapter, and you will become a fan of Tim Ferriss.

If you really want to improve your personality and productivity, then after reading a few chapters you will see the world differently.

The best part about this book is it gives the lesson to be different. If you want to be unique, you should never miss this book.


5. The 7 habits of highly effective people

Author: Stephan Corey

This book is old but a gold mine. It is among the best book for personal and professional self-help.

A very special thing in this book is it first creates a perception of success and force the reader to change the thinking. Changing of thinking is the start of self-help then followed by changing habits.

Stephen R. Covey explains the way of success, by making habits ,’. This book is very constructive in a way; it urges the reader to build habits. Habits build personality, and this book is precious in this matter.

This book also teaches the challenges of success and also gives the lesson on How you can overcome it.

When most people start reading this book, they feel that the book is talking about me. Despite being old, It genuinely relates to the modern man.

You will feel that method are especially for you to change your habits and gain success.

Those people who want to make their mark and want to change them as well should never miss this book.

6.The Success Principles

Author: Jack Canfield

‘Jack Canfield’, The author of this book, is a motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

Different from many self-help books, this book gives exact principles that are required for success.

This book is distinctive in many ways. First thing, this book gives 100% precise ideas to transform life. Secondly, everything is stated boldly to show the reader the working of the real world.

This book has five parts. The unique thing is, it first aware the readers about the success. Then prepare them for it. The list does not stop here, the art of teamwork, building relationships everything is mentioned.

The thing which makes it better than many other best selling books is its modern principles and coincidence with digital life. Yes, this book also gives some of the best opinions to succeed in Digital Life.

Hence, this book is a perfect pack in self-help not only in personal life but also in business. It has an entrepreneurial touch, coated with self-help. 

Those who are finding help to redefine their life mentally and financially, this book is written for them.


7. The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

This fiction book is far more interesting than its name. This book is actually a novel by Paulo Coelho. But due to its life-changing lesson, it stands as a skyscraper in the genre of self-help.

Without mentioning the exciting story of the book, I’ll tell you that This book says about the alchemy of life and love. This book is somehow related to spirituality.

Although at some points in this book a new reader does not understand the things. But after reading this book more than once, he has to appreciate Paulo for charismatic writing.

This book is also handy for new book reader as well as looking for a self-help book. As it is a novel, newcomers find very easy to read this book. It will surely prove helpful if someone just started reading books.

I must mention one thing here that The Alchemist is originally a fiction writing. Some might not like it as there are no case studies, no principles etc. But one thing is sure; if you read this novel as to get an idea of how life works, there is a ton of stuff in this book to blow your mind.

So, If you want self-help and want to see the world with an eye modified by the Alchemist you must read the story of Santiago(the character of the novel).

8. Getting Things Done

Author: David Allen

 GTD (getting things done) is a book on management. Most of us consider management a matter of less importance.

This is the biggest mistake.

In the book, David Allen has given some of best tips on How you can achieve more with less effort by managing things properly. Like the “The 4-Hour WorkWeek” it is to increase the productivity.

Along with this, some of the new things are mentioned which many of us might know but neither observe nor implement.

Many of us are unable to perform our best in the race of life due to stress and as we don’t know how to handle it. Allen has given a solution to all of those who are suffering from this. It helps the reader do hard things correctly.

This book will sink your exhausting life in the ocean of management, and you will have a life-changing experience.

A fantastic thing about this book is it helps the readers understand their hidden capabilities.

If few ideas of the book might not be relatable to you in some aspect, but the central concept certainly help you to arrange your life.

If you want yourself to be arranged and managed, go for this book.

9. Smarter Faster Better

Author: Charles Duhigg

 This is among those books which have long living effect on the reader. To extract the best possible results from oneself one needs for improvement, which is accurately taught by this 8 chapter book.

From Motivation to decision making and innovation. This book covers almost every aspect that a best self help book demands.

The simplicity of things written in the book helps the reader practically follow the ideas.

This Book is a combination of case studies, hacks and ideas that will lead your life in a new way.  Every topic of this book will enhance your efficiency and make you smarter, faster and better.

The unique thing in the book is it revives the intellectual thoughts by understanding the psychology and taking risks.

Even if someones think that he is doing his life correctly, he also has a lot in this book. So, whatever the stage of your life is, you can be smarter, faster and better. This book will help you in doing that.

10. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert Kiyosaki

 How can I forget about writing a book in a list that has sold over 26million copies, and created hundreds of business tycoons?

It is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor poor Dad.

Like many other self help books, it is related to changing the mindset. But this is not an unusual thing.

The main thing in this book is that it is full of little pieces of practical advice. Like revealed from its appealing name.

Firstly, This books shows a comparison between the Rich and the poor, and the factors that make them. Secondly, it advises how to convert miseries into fortunes.

This book is specifically designed to create such persons who are ready to face the real world. In this book, such things are written that are not taught in the institutions. If you read this book thoroughly, there is a lot hidden in it, which help you come closer to yourself.

One thing I must mention you need to read this at least twice to understand the true meaning of this book.

I can say this book will prove the best for those who are looking for financial self-help, it will help you come out of an average life. So, if you want to escape a miserable life, not read it, understand it.

11.Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Author: Richard Carlson

 This is the book you need to read many times. It is a masterpiece of Richard Carlson to live without worries. Little annoying things happen with us almost every day. Those who exhausted or provoked with such trivial things end their life full of concern.

On the other hand, there is Richard’s Formula to don’t bother yourself with little things and remain tranquil.

This book has 100 little lessons inappropriately stories, each covering a different aspect of thinking and to remain poised — one thing the author says that we don’t need to look for perfection to gain peace but should find it our self.

Its lesson #49 “Resist the urge to criticize” is my favorite. All its lessons have author personal view and general case studies.

Although there are a few things in the book that are also written in the books as mentioned earlier, yet the way of stating is different. A lot of things are original to this book.

Those who are suffering from any emotional worries and mental stress find this book proving very practical.

12. The Will Power Instinct

Author: Kelly McGonigal

 It will be appropriate to call this a ‘self-control book’ rather than a self help book. But Self control’s ultimate goal is nothing but self help. That’s why this book proved a thorough guide for self help seekers.

This book does a fine analysis of willpower with the help of various sciences like psychology, medicine etc. It almost explains everything a person needs to know about willpower.

After explaining the working of willpower, this books teaches how to develop it. Kelly has also included some best practical advice for developing willpower.

The list does not stop here; various exercises are also given to make willpower strong.

Pieces of advice, exercises and ideas all that is mentioned in the book are super applicable. This book also makes “decision taking” very strong as ‘the willpower’ is behind decision making.

After reading this book, most people feel a dramatic change in their willpower and self-control.

This book has one unique thing. As, a ton of practical ideas are written in the book so, it is up to the reader How much he or she can extract by his senses. 

If someone wants to make his mind strong and relax, this is the best book on the list.


13. Choose Yourself

Author: James Altucher

 This Best Selling selling Book is a giant of personal and business help. James Altucher, an entrepreneur with years of business experience, has written this masterpiece.

How you can choose yourself is a massive question, and this book is the answer to this question. All the things that are written in the book enforce the reader to work for yourself and achieve the goals.

The majority of people who pursue their goals, end at giving up before they could reach their destination. The reason? They are not working to themselves. This book will prove perfect for such people as it gives Valuable ideas and suggestions to understand your abilities and turn them into profit.

This book is also profitable for those who are seeking help to succeed in their business. As an entrepreneur, the author has given professional business tips for young minds to realize their worth and change their destiny.

Apart from two lessons of choosing yourself and living a satisfied life, another and probably the most amazing lesson of this book, it makes a reader up to be rich. It’s Chapter “IT DOESN’T COST A LOT TO MAKE $1 BILLION” is my favorite and probably the most helpful one.

Now I Think there is not any need to tell for whom this book will prove best But In two words I can say “for everyone”.

14. So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Author: Cal Newport

 A lot of Books in self help genre gives the lesson of thinking different. But This Book by Cal Newport will teach How To do differently in a unique style. Sounds Odd? I’ll explain.

Actually, this book give the lesson not chase your passion! Yes! Don’t follow the passion, instead look for the thing you are very skilful at.

Like Every Good Book it also some very distinctive characters. Like, it gives an instruction not by advice but by rules. Author has written the exact rules to follow in order to achieve success.

This book is very handy for beginners as it completely changes their vista about “Follow your dreams or Passion” Or whatever you call that.

It is a problem of a lot of people that they even don’t know what their passion is, and they follow a path guided by others. Unfortunately, There is nothing in the book for those who want a guide on ‘How to search passion’. But this book makes person So Good that there is no chance of being ignored.

I Must mention the last thing here, that the author has given his own idea in the book that, I think, is relatable to the modern world. But if someone has different viewpoints, he or she can continue with it.

This book will prove practical for those who want to evolve their thinking.

15. The Four Agreements

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

 To consider this book a detective novel by reading its name is a common mistake. But sadly it’s not novel. This is a sensation of self help by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Agreements in the book refers are set of beliefs or ideas on which the building of your personality stands.

The Four simple looking agreements have broad application and practice, if they are understood truly. Like it’s third agreement “Don’t make assumption” although look simple, but when someone reads this, he is forced to say ‘That’s exactly I do’ or ‘I shouldn’t do this’ or similar phrases like this.

The one thing that make this book very productive is it does not talk about plenty of rules and a massive list of ideas to implement. It just gives only 4 principles and relates everything to it.

This book has one more specific feature; it takes the mind into a new world of thinking and a new set of agreements.

“When you honor these four agreements together, there is no way that you will live in hell.”
-‘Originally taken from the book.’
So, if someone wants to live his life on his own terms. This book will prove helpful.

16. The Power of Habit

Author: Charles Duhigg

 This is the second book of Charles Duhigg in the list not because I am his big fan but due to his amazing books. In minimum and easy words “This book inspects Habit”.

This book takes its start by describing the working of Habits. Charles calls this ”The Habit Loop” and after thoroughly explaining Creation of new Habits ends at Habits of Societies.

The victory in any of the circumstances comes with response to that particular situation. Similarly, The race of life is dependent on habits. More mature habit leads to a higher destination.

That’s why a large number of books are written to emphasize the change in Habit and this book is among the best books to develop Habits.

This book is also equally important for business help, as a number of chapters of this book are on business help. Author has mentioned one interesting thing “The habit of willpower” the most important of all Habits.

This book is mixture of a scientific ideas and Charles personal case studies to disciple life. Those who are struggling to make a habit, should realize the power of this book and read it.

17. The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is a self help book that has inspired millions of people around the globe with a new idea she calls “The law of attraction”. According to this law ” Thoughts and feelings are a determiner of attraction and attraction leads to success”.

This book gives the lesson on positive thinking and belief. Along with this, the author has written secrets to health, relationship, money and all other things.

But these are not special things! The thing which makes it distinctive is a lesson to use the power of Mind to change the world.

This Book is more related to spirituality than self help. To define accurately “This book teaches to use spirituality for self help.”

Let me make you clear that this book has a goodly number of haters, the reason they don’t understand the book. Some may attribute the ideas of the book that everyone knows. 

But those who know even basics of spirituality appreciate this self help book. At some points, it leaves the boundary of self help and becomes a spirituality book.

If somebody has no taste for spirituality, then this book will prove useless.

18. You Can Heal your Life

Author: Louise Hay

 “You can Heal your Life” The whole book is hidden in its name. This book heals the life and guides it on the right path that ultimately results in success or achievement of a desire.

Hay has given the leading cause to heal life is to develop a mental attitude. Right mental thinking will take towards the destination.

This book starts by telling How to identify problems in life and ends with the healing of all body problems, health and relationship.

When a person does his best to achieve an ambition and ends at failure, he looks for methods that help him regain that ambition and makes his life delightful. This Book does this task efficiently.

The book is very elementary understand and probably due to this reason it has sold over 50 million copies.

A thing you must know Healing means utilizing the power of the mind. If you believe you need such life-changing positive thoughts, you should read this book. 

19. Awaken the Giant within

Author: Tony Robbins

 Tony Robbins, the famous motivational speaker of the modern era, is the author of this book. The viewpoint of this book is different from many self help books. Tony says that Whenever you want to change yourself, you have to raise tour standards, and take responsibility for all things that affect you.

The start of this book is very enthralling and directly wins the souls by talking about a dream that all people have in common. Due to this psychology technique, a lot of people attach to the book. Then, the author excellently narrates all such things that may prove helpful.

Each book in the genre of self help gives different methods or techniques to improve the standard. This book has also provided a unique methodology to help people like it teaches to be “flexible in the approach.”

Another thing, In the book, there are a lot of things most people already knew but neither they observe nor implement. Therefore, when a self-disciple person reads this book to learn new things he finds a few annoying things. But beginners see this book with a different eye.

One last thing, Tony mentions an “immediate control” over everything which is a bit confusing for people who want a long-term changing book. But the contents of the book clear this confusion.

20. Never Eat Alone

Author: Keith Ferrazzi

 You probably want to give this book to your best friend by reading the name for the first time. But This is not on food sharing but building connections.

Networking and building relationships are the two key things in the book. According to this book, “Understanding the power of partnership is key to success.” Again a unique idea for many people.

A lot of people find difficult even to start a conversation with strangers, building a relationship is far more difficult. But this book helps not only in making people love you but also assists in changing your abilities lovable.

One good thing that makes this book so unique is it educates readers to build characters that prove helpful for other people, and hence this thing lays the foundation of building relationships.

Those who are in business can better knew the importance of connections in business. This book is genuinely based on helping others therefore, quite helpful for new business leaders.

Keith mostly wrote his personal experiences in the book and attributed his ideas into principles which according to him will work and help people. If Dale Carnegie had written How to Win Friends and Influence people 2005 Version, The book would be similar to Never Eat Alone.

21. What You Think of Me Is None of My Business

Author: Terry Cole-Whittaker

 “What people think” These 3words Kill Hundreds of dreams Each day. A really massive majority of people especially teenagers are much affected with remarks of the people. This book is made for them.

The author has prepared the reader to forget the fear of others thought and remarks. Self Motivation is another thing explained in the Book.

The reason this book is distinctive in self help is it says that you don’t look for guidance to others. All the things you need to achieve greatness in life are hidden in your personality. 

One thing that makes confusion for a lot of people when they read the title of the book is not to care What other people say. The Readers consider this as to leave every connection and consider Yourself the ultimate hero. This is not the motive of the book.

In fact this book tells of learning from other people as well, but don’t impress from them. Keep your best effort but don’t hurt by the remarks of others. Forget all those things that demotivate you, be humble and conquer the world.

If someone is affected by “What people say” syndrome This is a must-read book for him or her.

22. Who Moved My cheese

Author: Spencer Johnson

 Many people call this a business book, But due to its demanding lesson I’m bound to write this in self help. After The Alchemistis the second fiction book in the list.

Dr Spencer has written this short story like life changing. On the one hand, it creates interest due to its fascinating story, and on the other, it motivates and prepares the reader for real application of the world.

It is a book that helps the reader overcome the fear, and to adapt to change. The way the author has personified things with changing events prove an eye-opener for most of the reader.

Author has also urged the reader not to remain in the same phase of life and look for new horizons by describing the story of ‘Sniff and Scurry’.

Then the author explains that nothing lasts forever in life, things keep changing. We have to adjust ourselves according to every circumstance.

The story Book like this proves more helpful than simple self help books because readers remember the lesson for a long time. To pull yourself out of your comfort zone, you should remember this story.

23. The Science Of Getting Rich

Author: Wallace D. Wattles

When there are already Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad Poor Dad like books in the list on becoming Rich, then Why include the third book? A valid Question. I’ll answer.

First thing! This book is oldest in the list; all other books tell the reader How they can change their habits or thinking to become rich, this book is different from them It explains the scientific aspect of getting Rich.

Secondly, and most importantly, it is not just about making money But a Rich Behavior and an optimistic attitude. So, one cay says it teaches a person Rich in life by his mind.

From the start of the book, the author motivates the reader not to look for conventional ways to become rich. Instead, see a different approach. This book is helpful to open the mind and look beyond imagination.

But, as the book was written in 1910, some of the ideas of books have become old-fashioned. Therefore, it not occupies a place in top 10. But this does not mean the book is old entirely. It is still proving a self-guide for many people.

To learn new things and to take the old concepts to a new level, one should read this book.

24. The Art of Thinking Clearly

Author: Rolf Dobelli

 There is not any need to describe the “Power of Thought and decision making” for a person looking for self help. This book is full of case studies that prove an eye opener for many self help student to clear their thinking. 

The best thing about this book is the author has talked with the readers in such a way A father speaks with his Boy. The attitude of write is full of advice.

This book is also related to understanding the psychology of dealing and art of behavior. This book proves a life guide for many people as it makes them able to find fault in their thinking and correct it. The cleaned thinking leads to achievement of the ambition.

Another good thing about this book is that it solves a common problem “Not to carry own Thinking”. This book has a chapter “If 50million say something foolish, it is still foolish” which, I think, lays the foundations of clear thinking and other chapters make a building on it.

If the author had covered other topics except thinking, this book would have settled at some higher spot. Still, for making thinking clear it is a very prestigious book.

25. The 80/20 Principle

Author: Richard Koch

The Pareto Principle commonly called the 80/20 principle(80% results come from 20% input). Thousands of people in their personal and professional lives applied this rule to achieve success. All those who have used this principle modified it according to their circumstances.

Richard Koch has made an attempt to make this rule applicable in every aspect of life. He has describe this rule from basics and took it to advanced.

Also, he made an effort to apply this rule not only in business but also in happiness, relationship and many others.

Koch effort proved very successful and inspired and helped thousands of people to take a different Outlook.

One thing in the book is, beginners, find it difficult to understand the book. At some points, Koch has told difficult strategies that a new mind think will not be applicable for him and hence, ask a question on Practicality of Book. Though after reading many time, this principle looks working.

If you have ambitions to learn creativity and also has a habit of reading then, read this book.

26. Influence

Author: Robert Cialdini

 In the modern world, two things can extract the best possible result out of any effort. One is “Fear”, and other is “influence”. All of us, when have a fear of anything, make our best attempt to overcome this. In business, a lot of companies take benefit from the fears and generate a handsome revenue.

But what about ‘Influence’? Probably an unknown factor, less number of people knew. This book exactly does that. It explains How you can Influence or persuade someone.

This book also relates to psychology and ultimately dealing with people. It includes thousands of case studies and practical experience of the author.

This book is specifically for marketers who want to convince their customers. But the General public can also get benefits from Robert’s observation.

There are tons of ideas in this book that have the ability to change anyone’s panorama about convincing. Yet this book stands at 26 — the reason it is less practical for the general public. A lot of people are unable to grasp the concept that the author wants to convey. Some psychologies techniques also pass above the head.

But if someone is seeking ways to make people agree with him. This book will prove a definite guide for him. If someone firsts read “How to win friends and Influence people” then reads this book, this book will prove a treasure.

27. The Now Habit

Author: Neil Fiore

 “Procrastinate” (To put of something in Delay) is the main problem which this book solves. All of us are somehow indolent in behavior and Lazy in working. Hence, in some sense we all are procrastinators.

Hundreds of Motivational speakers raised the topic in their talks, and this book covers the same. According to this book, During some of our tasks, we become filled with anxieties(Due to multiple reasons) and these anxieties urge us to procrastinate(delay things).

Indirectly, this book teaches to be an action taker and do stuff on time. It also has a lesson to overcome “Internal Laziness”. A stunning thing in this book is, the author had started problems from the very basics and then given the solutions according to the issues.

The author says to the reader to first “Know Yourself” followed by “Talk to Yourself” and ends at “Support Yourself” — these three things which, according to the author, makes a person active and keen.

This book covers one more aspect is ‘To be productive’. The author explains that we do not have 24hours in a day for work, we also have to manage other things. How someone manages his time, describes his living condition.

We can say about this book; It excellently highlights everything to avoid procrastination. This book is supportive of being energetic.

After writing “Procrastination” so many times in the last two hundred words, certainly, there is not any need to tell who need this.


Author: Susan Cain 

The Clear Expression of ideas of mind is a challenging task for some people, and this continuity in expression makes a person an introvert.

To be a leader, one must state one’s thoughts clearly and Boldly. The primary purpose of this book is to convert an introvert into a fluent speaker.

All the things mentioned in the book are written for people who feel hesitation to talk with confidence.

Although, some chapters of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence people give excellent pieces of advice for shy people. But this book is wholly based on the concept of conversion of hesitation into fluency.

This small book starts from a quiz to find out ‘whether a person is introvert or Extrovert’. Then, after passing through the Dangerous valleys of reluctance and demureness, this book ends at giving ideas to become an articulate speaker.

Unlike many self help books, this could be read in a single sitting. But this short book is very efficient as it solves the core problem of the majority of people looking for self help, lack of confidence.

This Book gives some best lessons for introverts. So if you are unable to say your words clearly, This is the best book you will find.

29. The Slight Edge

Author: Jeff Olson

 This book By James Olson is different from a lot of self help book in the list. It gives an entirely different approach to achieving ambitions.

All of us knew about success and almost everything related to it. Then why we fail? This book is the answer to this question. It highlights the importance of being practical. It says that doing something is far more difficult than just thinking about it.

This book also says when we try something and it does not, we don’t sit and wait for the result. Instead, we have to apply the thing until it works.

Another unique thing mentioned in the book is “Two Life Paths”. Daily small habits determine the path of life. At various points, the author has written his personal example and narrated examples to make this book understandable.

I call this a very practical book. But what is the reason putting it below many less practical books? The answer is “Little Range of Principles”. If this book had covered more aspects of life, I would have placed it Top 7.

If you want to be practical without diverting mind to any other thing, this is a book you are looking for.

30. On Fire

Author: John O’Leary

 When someone utters these words to you “You are such a motivated person, You live your life on fire.” Indeed, Your face will become delighted. Same is the case with the author.

In the Book, John writes his personal story, How he faced a destructive House Fire when he was nine? What did Doctors say about him? And How he recovered and escaped from a near death experience? The complete new idea of life that O’Leary gained from that experience set his life on a new path and result in the creation of this book.

The author was not demotivated from the incident rather influenced others by giving them a 7 step plan to live life “On Fire”.

This book has something extraordinary for the readers, and it is the lesson of persistence. It teaches How a person can be exceptional when circumstances are reasonable. As this book is a fusion of a true story and personal observation/advice, therefore, it is a kind of both, motivational and self help book.

The unique lesson of this book is live the without limits, realize the importance of little moments and have a purposeful life. I call this an exclusive book is a list due to its precept.

31. Talk Like TED

Author: Carmine Gallo

All who have an urge to do big, at least once imagined themselves standing in front of a crowd of people motivating them just Like a TED Talk. But most of them are unable to turn this image into reality.

The reason? They don’t even have guidelines. This book is a practical guide for public speaking and to develop confidence in speech. The content of the book is really simple. I call this a Noob Friendly book. Even the case studies are mentioned effortlessly.

But simplicity does not mean it has no captivating morals in it. It trains the reader’s mind to come with new ideas and be a conversationalist. It has a lesson to remove shyness, hesitation, reluctance and more similar things.

This book is wholly based on observations and scientific principles; the author has given no personal views in the book. As the book talks about people in general, this is differently relatable with everyone.

As this public speaking guide solves a significant problem, many people faces, therefore it is quite good self help book.

Two Additional Books:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living By Dale Carnegie

The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck By Mark Manson


Self help books can’t make you better until you are determined for a change. If you have thoughts that by reading the books everything will change, you may be wrong. You have to bring change in Yourself to see with the world with a new eye.

If you really want to be better than your past, I can assure you, these books will do wonders for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I can’t Read all these Books! Can you suggest me a single Best Self-help book?

Answer:How to Win Friends and Influence People will be best to read.

Question: Which one from these is the best book for success?

Answer: It is very difficult to suggest a single book! But The 7 habits of highly effective peopleand The Success Principles will be the best.

Question: Which book among all has sold more copies?

Answer: The Alchemist of Paulo Coelho with more than 65million Copies.

Question: Which Book I should Read First?

Answer: There is No Limitations to read any specific book first. However, you can use this method “Read that book First whose name more Fascinating to you”.

Question: Which is the Best self-help for a student?

Answer: Sorry, I can’t specify a single Book for a Student. I Think A student should Read all these Books.

End Note:

I have made a try to enlist all those books which I think are the best self help books. But my opinion is not ultimate.

You can agree or disagree with my post. In both cases, I respect my readers. If you think your opinion can improve this article, tell me in comments.


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