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Importance of Sports


Sports and Games


Importance of Games

Sports are very Important in Life. To help the students finding “Importance of Sports Essay”, present these Essays. We Hope that these will help the students in their studies. You can also Check some Beautiful Essays in “Essays“.

Importance of Sports Paragraph(100words):

Sports are a basic need of a man. As a man needs food to fulfil his energy requirement he also requires sports to accomplish his physical necessities.
Sports has a pivotal role in the growth of the body. Those children who take an interest in sports are more likely to succeed in life.

Doing some sport makes our mind fresh. We are free from all the worries of the world. By playing sports, we get aware of our capabilities. We come to know about our talent. Sports make us enthusiastic. It gives us a lesson to be determined.
We also remain healthy by playing games. Thus sports has great importance in life.

Importance Of Sports(150words):

Importance of sports in life is like the importance of the brain in the body. Sports are a source of recreation for students and source of relief for people in their busy lives.

It is said that a sound body has a sound mind and the credit to this sound body is to sports. Sports are important in life.

They are essential in childhood when a child is learning things, equally important in youth when vigour and strength are at its best. Today the competition is very high. Everyone is trying to excel in life. To survive in this competition one need toughness. This toughness can be gained by playing sports.

In all type of sports, there are many messages which we gain as we play. We learn courage, forbearance, teamwork, sharp thinking, discipline, and many others.

Although Sports are valuable for everyone, they are must for students. Students learn new things as they play sports which help them in their study. Hence, games should also be given proper time.

Importance of Sports

Importance of Sports (200words):

Years ago, when the civilization was burgeoning and man lived in the primitive environment sports began. Man created the activities to pass his free time. As the time evolved, these activities groomed and finally became sports.

Today, sports are played in almost every region of the world. They are considered as an essential thing for maintaining health.

Sports are essential for people of every age but most vital for students when the mental capabilities are emerging, and character building prospers. It is sports which play a crucial role in budding the character and mounting excellent health.

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”

Nobody can deny the importance of sports. Parents pay special attention to their children to take part in games. Sports creates a vigour among students. It gives them a passion for working hard. The students become courageous, and they realize their efficiencies.

Those students who are active in sports are more likely to progress in life. A bookworm can read books and cram all the stuff, but he cannot gain the lesson which a good sportsman learns.

But this does not mean that students play games only and do not study. A student should remain a balance between sports and study.Importance of Sports

Importance of Sports (250words):

Health is wealth. It is considered as the greatest blessing for the man. Nobody can deny this truth. But maintaining health is a bit difficult thing especially in growing age.

When our body is in growth, there is a particular need of checking things we eat. A healthy diet nourishes our mind and body. But if a person becomes lazy and does not do exercise, his abilities start degenerating. Sports are a source of enjoyment.

Sports makes us active and healthy. It is essential for maintaining our health and making our body sound.

“Sport is a preserver of health.”

The importance of sports is acknowledged for many centuries. People of all ages laid stress on playing sports. In the 21st century when modern inventions are making our life more comfortable and making us sluggish, there is a need to play sports to keep ourselves fit.

Sports fills our life with pleasures. A person who regularly plays sports is fitter than other people and excels in the race of life. By playing sports, our minds broaden and came to know the real meaning of life.

The students who are good at sports became very successful in their lives. Sports teachers the lesson of discipline and confidence. It builds courage and exposes the hidden talent of students.

Students learn how to be determined and enthusiastic. They learn to increase their capabilities if they want to win the race of life. Sports are giving an understanding to students about the competition of life. Hence Sports are very important for all people especially students.

Importance of sports(300words):

The emergence of sports is very old. Ancient men used to hunt animals for their food. This hunting becomes their sport. When the man became civilized, his sports also changed. Sports like running, swimming developed.

With the passage of time man understood the worth of sports and then sports are given high status. Now games are considered essential because of its vast benefits.

Sports are considered important as they are useful for maintaining health. It removes listlessness and provokes a desire for hard work. Sports also make a person tough. He endures the difficulties in the game. As a result, his ability to bear stress and pressure increases, and his physical and mental capability flourish.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

The youth of today wants to express themselves. They want to be the best. Sports provide an opportunity for such youngsters.

Sports are equally crucial for students. Life of student is tiring because the student has to bear a burden of studies. Most students became weary due to complex studies.

The exhausted brain and fatigued body need a healthy activity to overcome this condition. Sports are a source of relief in such situations. When a student plays sports his body and mind become fresh. This physical fitness and mental stiffness keep a student active in studies.

The importance of sports is increased because it broadens the panorama of students. Students understand things more sharply. They don’t depend upon books only they realize their capabilities. There is a famous proverb.

“Books teach how to learn; men teach how to live.”

Sports are also important in the sense that they made students obedient. Students understand the real meaning of obedience when they follow the rules.

But many students do not maintain a balance in sports and studies. One should do studies in study time and play sports in free time. This will make him a good student.

Importance of Sports

Importance of sports(500words):

Since the inception of time, games occupied an important role. Early people recognized sports as a source of recreation. Greeks were the first nation who invented modern sports. They used to arrange marathons and award prizes for winning persons. Olympics started in the same way.

Now sports are recognized essential, and their importance is appreciated at an international level. It has been seen that those nations which have full sports grounds have empty hospitals.

Sports are essential not only for nations but also for individuals. The children, young and mature people all get benefits from sports. Schools and colleges recognize the worth of games. They pay special heed towards sports.

“Sports don’t build character they reveal it.”

–Heywood Broun

The importance of sports is very vast. They give many welfares. Some are

  • Hard work:

Sports demand hard work. Continuous activity within sports requires extraordinary hard work. When a player works hard regularly, it becomes his habit. He comes to know about the real application. He works hard in every field of life. This hard work makes him determined and passionate.

Same is the case with students. Those Students who learn hard work from sports also apply this in their studies; as a result, they prosper.

“If you want to shine like a sun first burn like a sun.”

–A.P.J Abdul Kalam

  • Health:

Health is wealth, and everybody is aware of it. Sports are important because they offer good fitness. Health is essential especially in student life when there is a need to be sharp-witted and wary.

A healthy student can focus on his studies in a better way. Sports provide an opportunity for keeping body vigorous and mind fresh in a recreational way.

“The first wealth is health” -Emerson

  • Character building:

It is the character which distinguishes man from other creations. Sports develop an exceptional character among the players. They attain not only a good physique but also good moral values. Students character is also built when they play follow the rules of games.

When a player loses in a game, he demonstrates sportsmanship. He accepts his defeats and appreciates his competitor. This plays an important role in refining the personality. A student with excellent character is a font of happiness for his parents and family.

“Every sport has its own cast of characters.” -Randy Savage

  • Discipline:

Discipline is essential is educational institutes, sports, and also in life. In sports when a student follows the rules of the game, this gradually becomes his habit. He develops the conducts and ethics. He respects the regulations of the school.

In life this discipline is beneficial, it makes life happier and easy. A self-discipline student progress far more than other students because he understands his duties.

“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.” –Bum Philips

              The chief purpose of students is to study. They should give proper time to studies and also devote some time for sports. Sports are only useful when the study is standing behind it.

No one denies the importance of sports, but it should not be considered the only source of recreation. If a student leaves his study for sports, he can’t be successful.

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