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My Favourite Personality Essay

  “Personality is to man what perfume is to flower.”
                             Charles M. Schwab.

Earth history has demonstrated many people, which changed the lives of millions of people. These people are role model for others. They set a path and an example for other people to follow.

Preacher, sages, philosophers, scientists all are such people who have altered the Earth history by giving people a reason to think.
These people have an extraordinary capability gifted by God to facilitate other people.

People like Shakespeare, Darwin, Issac Newton, Nikon Tesla, Einstein, Jalaluddin Rumi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mustafa Kamal these are such people who have influenced history either by their charismatic personalities or by their exceptional work.

However, my favorrite personality is the best among all men ever created on Earth. He is an origin of light and knowledge, a role model and an only and a perfect person.

 The Prophet of ISLAM, Messenger of Allah; He is MUHAMMAD (S.A.W).

Fifteen Hundred years ago in the desert of Arabia, humanity was fighting for its survival. People of that era have no manner, no civilization among themselves.

They used to compete on little issues, and fights turned in wars that continue generation after generation. Women have no status in society. Thes Arabs treated their daughters terribly.

Then Allah Almighty took pity on the condition of the Arabs. He sent his Beloved Prophet and Master of all Muslims in the home of Abd al-Muṭṭalib.

The son of ABDULLAH and AMNA lead a life in such a way that every second of his life is an example for other Muslims.

“And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) not but as a mercy for the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists)”

AL-QURAN 21:107

When he reached the age of forty, he was given Apostleship by the Allah Almighty. Then the Prophet of Islam started to preach the teaching of Islam.

Holy Prophet(S.A.W) not only used words to explain the instructions but also practically followed each of his words. His life is limelight of patience, brotherhood, kindness and other things beyond our perception are in his personality.

He preached the teaching with steadiness in a way that no one can even imagine.

Beloved Prophet(P.B.U.H) spread the knowledge to people of Arabia, and his forever living teachings transformed the fighting Arabs into the Kings that ruled the world.

With the passage of time, his preaching spread around Arabia, and determination of him and his companions converted people continuously to Islam.

Then a time came when Love of MUHAMMAD enlightened whole Arabia THE PROPHET OF ISLAM AND MASTER OF ALL THE MUSLIMS.

In his Last Sermon Of Hajj, he had given a charter of morality that is a fountain of blessing not only for Muslims but all humans around the globe.

His teachings are not limited but are for people of every age. Each moment of his life is a source of light.

The Utmost Teacher of Humanity and Beloved one of ALLAH Almighty demonstrated such an ideal character that resemblance to his character makes a man a true Muslim.

The Slaves of Muhammad(S.A.W) are highest in rank in a figure; it is undoubtedly due to the light of his LOVE and beauty of their character that Islam is the biggest religion of the world.

The character of Muhammad(S.A.W) is so high that words are unable to define it. He has all beautiful aspects that human mind can imagine and also those which are beyond intelligence.

It is, due to these Reasons he stands number first among all human beings and all Prophets. He is a hero for me and my favourite personality. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless us by the slavery of MUHAMMAD(S.A.W).

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